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I like to do this when i practice the presentation

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How do you know if your body language is impacting your effectiveness at work, particularly in a negative way? Most managers and bosses in firms with engineers will have difficulty giving direct feedback on body language, but they may be able to give you feedback on your “presence” and “command of the room.” Negative feedback in these areas indicates your body language is at least partially to blame.

When you know you need to work on it, the best way to improve your body language is to record yourself speaking or giving a presentation and play it back. I like to do this when I practice the presentation. Similar to the movie experiment, mute yourself and watch your nonverbal cues. Do they project confidence and competence? Nervousness? Do you touch your hair or fidget? Are you relaxed or standing rigidly?

Practice speaking until your nonverbal cues match your confidence in your knowledge. If you want to see some great examples of good body language, google “TED Talks.” They are 20 minutes or less each and can give you some great insights into how professional body language appears.

Putting written, verbal, and nonverbal communication together: how to communicate at work

Now that you have learned the three components of engineering communication, it is time to learn how these apply practically at work. How should you be communicating at work in order to maximize your influence?

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